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Online course Occupational health and safety

Ensure workplace safety according to the basic rules

Safe working conditions are a major concern for companies and employers. Learn everything you need to know about workplace safety.

Workplace Safety

Everyone is familiar with their basic tasks and duties they must perform in the workplace. As well as carrying out the tasks typical of each job, all working people need to be aware of the risks of each job and how to protect themselves and react in extreme situations.

Workplace safety is as much about looking after each employee's own health and safety as it is about looking after the health and safety of other people in a company who are affected by their activities.

The training will familiarize you and your employees with the basic requirements for safety in the workplace, you will receive useful tips for daily work routines and rules of action in various risk situations.




Module 1. Workplace risks Risk

  • Control
  • Safe behaviour
  • What are the most common sources of risk in the office
  • How to start the day comfortably and safely
  • Other causes of workplace accidents
  • Recommendations for safe behaviour

Module 2. Work environment factors

  • Lighting
  • Microclimate
  • Noise
  • Working with video displays

Module 3. Useful tips for everyday working life

  • Movement
  • Walking, knees and feet
  • Back, arms and shoulders
  • Eyes
  • Monitor settings
  • Useful tips for using the mouse and keyboard
  • Using printers and photocopying equipment
  • Basic rules when using office furniture and furnishings
  • General rules when using electrical appliances

Module 4. Occupational safety and fire safety signs

  • Basic types of occupational safety signs
  • Fire safety
  • Emergency exits

Module 5. First aid

  • First aid
  • First aid for a broken bone
  • First aid for injury and bleeding
  • First aid in an electrical accident
  • First aid for a foreign body in the eye

Module 6. Actions in extreme situations

  • Fire
  • Earthquake

Module 7. Workplace stress 

  • Main sources of stress in the workplace
  • How to reduce sources of stress in the workplace

Quiz to the training 


How is the training delivered?

When a trainee signs up for the course, they are given a personal account to access the training. It is taken online, at a time and place convenient to the user. The learner will need the current version of the program and access to the internet.


Familiarize yourself with the safety rules for remote work.

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