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Online Course Stress Management

Online course on how to manage stress at work

Discover what your work environment can be without the presence of stress - find balance and achieve new and inspiring successes!

Stress in organizations is a problem for managers and professionals as it leads to a build-up of tension and fragmentation of the work process. What should a manager and employees do to avoid these unpleasant outcomes?

With several hands-on exercises, examples, explanations of the various "stressors," and many other interactive elements, this online course will give you a different perspective on stress. Effective stress management begins with identifying sources of stress and developing management strategies. Let's work together to understand workplace stress and manage it effectively!

Are you ready? Let's get started!


Course objectives

Through this online course, you will learn to prioritize your assignments like a "Pro". You will learn how to divide your projects, or the collective projects of your team into small tasks, so that it is clear at what point what needs to be done. You'll also learn how to delegate tasks so you can get more work done efficiently and as a team. We'll discuss why it's important to apply compromise in the workplace (and, of course, in any situation where you need to).



Module 1. Introduction to Stress Management

Introduction to the course. Stress monitoring exercise. Exercise: List your daily "irritants" and "helpers", Sample list of daily "irritants" and "helpers", etc.


Module 2. What are stressors?

What are stressors? External and internal stressors. Causes of stressors.


Module 3. Stress at work

Understanding stress in the workplace. Warning signs of workplace stress. What are the risk factors you can prevent? Risk factors arising from the physical environment. Tips for coping with stress. Stress and shift work.


Module 4. Burnout

What is burnout? How do you know if you are "burnt out"? The effects of burnout. Difference between stress and burnout. Causes of "burnout." Signs and symptoms of burnout. The power of support.


Module 5. Stress Management

How are you currently managing stress? Unhealthy ways to deal with stress. Adopting healthier stress management habits. Managing stress with regular exercise. Avoiding the stressor. Create your own "stress relief toolkit." "Stress management self-help checklist.


Module 6. Dealing with "procrastination" (continuous procrastination, procrastination)

  • procrastination and stress. How to overcome procrastination. Common causes of procrastination. Key takeaways.


Module 7. Coping with frustration and anger

Video. Anger control. Dealing with difficult people. Frustration. Lesson 9: Dealing with difficult people. Test.


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