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Online course Successful telephone sales 

Learn how to close deals over the phone

The Successful Phone Sales eLearning will help you improve your sales skills as well as increase the number of deals you close.

We have covered the following topics. How to create a buyer persona? How to research your customers? How to create a good first impression? What are best practices in cold calling, etc..

The training includes:

Theoretical part: 8 modules

Examples: 6 unit

Exercise: 1 unit

Leading characters: 1 unit

Final test: 1 unit

Total: 60 slides, 403 interactions

Content of the e-learning "Successful telephone sales“

Module 1. Introduction to Sales. Where should you start?
a. What is the sales process?
b. Creating a buyer persona.
c. How do you research your potential customers?

Module 2. How do you create a good first impression?
a. Starting the conversation.
b. Verbal communication skills.
c. Questioning skills.
d. Conversation skills.
e. Vocal skills.
f. Other verbal techniques

Module 3. How to deal with objections?
a. Tips.
b. Examples - 5 pieces.

Module 4. Cold calling - 10 tips for cold calling.

Module 5. Successful phone negotiations - tips for negotiating on the phone.

Module 6. Voice messaging - tips for successful voice messages.

Module 7. How to recover from a failed call?

Module 8. More tips for successful telephone sales.

Example from the e-learning "Successful telephone sales“

How do you handle the "I'm not interested." objection?

Sample answer. I understand why you think our service doesn't interest you, but I can assure you that the manager of company X told me the same thing a while ago, but today he uses our product and can do W, Y, Z with it. I understand that improving W, Y, Z are important KPIs for you too - can you explain to me why you are not interested in improving these metrics?"


This is one of the most difficult objections to address. But you must remember that you have a solid reason to call the customer and you are clear on why they should be interested in your product. Ask questions to find out why he's not interested and keep your cool.

Speak slowly and distinctly. Sometimes a customer may not be interested simply because he doesn't understand what you've told him. Besides, "I'm not interested" is another way of saying "I don't want to listen." Sometimes people don't want to listen to you, and there's nothing wrong with that.

How does the training go?

Each trainee gets a personal account to access the training. It is taken online, at a time and place convenient to the user. The only things needed are a computer/laptop and internet access. 

If you are interested in our services or have further questions, you can contact us on +359 2 850 53 64 or e-mail: office@nitbg.com


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