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Online course The Art of Successful Presentations

Improve your presentation skills with our online training

Our training will help you develop and improve your skills for confident and argumentative presentation.

Training can be useful regardless of your field or level of professional development. It is for anyone whose job involves giving presentations, presenting products, services, ideas or sales and want to improve their presentation skills. The training is also suitable for those of you who feel insecure in front of an audience and want to cope with the stage fright that grips them every time they have to present.

At the end of the training, you will be able to plan, create and deliver presentations made with PowerPoint, as well as put the acquired competencies into practice.

Content of the e-learning "How to make a presentation?"

Module 1. Preparing and creating your presentation

  • What are presentations?
  • How to prepare your presentation?
  • Planning according to the purpose of the presentation
  • How to write the presentation?
  • Choosing a presentation method
  • Presentation room arrangements

Module 2. How to develop an effective personal presentation style?

  • Rules for an effective presentation style
  • Verbal means of communication
  • Non-verbal means of communication
  • Barriers to effective communication

Module 3. How to use visual aids effectively?

  • How powerful are visual aids?
  • What are the rules when making PowerPoint presentations?

Module 4. How to overcome stage fright?

  • Techniques for calming down before presenting

Module 5. How to handle questions and answers?

  • Rules and recommendations

Module 6. How to present yourself?

  • How to choose an outfit?

The training includes:
Theoretical part: 6 modules
Videos: 6 pieces
Final test
Total: 70 slides (theoretical part: 45 slides, final test: 25 slides)
Supplementary materials: Text materials for the training
Number of interactions: 286

How is the training delivered?

Each trainee receives a personal account to access the training. It is completed online, at a time and place convenient for the user. The only things needed are a computer/laptop and internet access.

If you are interested in our services or have additional questions, please contact us at +359 2 850 53 64 or e-mail: office@nitbg.com.



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