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Patent Office for Trademarks and Designs

Training videos in the field of brands-designs

The Patent Office has published a series of training videos on its YouTube channel in the field of trademarks and designs, explaining how to protect design as an object of industrial property.

Approximate reading time: 2m 4s

The Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria is a national state body for protection of the rights on objects of industrial property. The Patent Office provides a series of training videos in the field of trademarks and designs, explaining how to protect design as an object of industrial property, the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry informed.

Video: How to register your brand in Bulgaria

The purpose of the training video is to provide information about the centralized portal for classification of goods and services in the field of TMclass brands . The video gives access not only to a harmonized database valid within the European Union, but also to a database from around the world.

THE BRAND according to Article 9 is a sign that is able to distinguish the goods and services of one person from those of other persons and can be presented graphically. Such signs may be words, including names of persons, letters, numbers, drawings, figures, the shape of the goods or their packaging, a combination of colors, sound signs or any combination of such signs.

The Paris Convention divides them into  trademarks  and  well-known brands  (they should have more protection). Bulgarian law divides them into three (Article 50a):

  1. Famous on the territory of Bulgaria. They prevent the registration of similar marks where registration of the same or similar goods or services is sought. They are determined by classes and subclasses of goods and services according to the classification of the Treaty of Nice, ratified by Bulgaria.
  2. Well known on the territory of Bulgaria. A similar mark cannot be registered, but for all classes of goods and services. How to assess whether the brand is well-known or well-known - the most important thing is to say something to consumers: sociological surveys, surveys are used. Objective criteria are also known: to be present on the market in reality; to prove that funds have been invested in its promotion (advertising, efforts to publicize the brand).
  3. Community trade mark - A Community trade mark is a trade mark registered in the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (Trade Marks and Designs) under the terms and conditions laid down in Regulation (EC) No 207/2009 (Art. 72a).

The Patent Office for Trademarks and Designs offers to see:

Video: How to register an industrial design in Bulgaria

"Hello, I would like to register my design. What should I do? ”- you will find the answer in the video.

Video: Trademark Reform in Bulgaria

The aim of the trademark reform is to facilitate the registration and management of trademarks throughout the European Union. Watch the video to learn what the purpose of trademark reform is, what the trademark application changes are, what the trademark registration changes are, what the trademark owner changes are, and what else you need to know about trademark reform .

Video: Basic knowledge of the brand and design as objects of industrial property

The Patent Office has prepared an animated video for students. Its purpose is to give them a basic knowledge of the brand and design as objects of industrial property.

You can order training videos by contacting us at tel. 00359 2 850 53 64 or write to us from the form below:

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