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Sales training that really sеlls

8 ideas for creating effective sales training

In order to close more deals, your salespeople need to understand customer problems and which of your products could solve them. For this, they need to undergo in-house training.

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1. Understand the customer's needs.

Consider your products from the customer's perspective and include detailed profile descriptions of your prospects. This way, your salespeople will be able to offer them the most appropriate product for them. 

2. Describe your product portfolio.

Salespeople should know all the products you offer well. This will help them steer the conversation to a specific product that meets the customer's needs.
Products can be presented using infographics, tables, charts, etc..

3. Describe the competition's products.

When creating your training, you can't help but include information about your main competitors' products. Compare them with yours and visualize the data in a table.
Your salespeople should be able to answer questions like "Why is your product more expensive?", "How is it better than X's?", etc.

4. Use scenarios and examples from practice.

To make your training interesting and engaging, include a scenario or examples from practice. This way, your salespeople will understand how they should react in real situations.
Help them understand what your customers need and what are the challenges they will face in their daily work.

5. Use short modules.

Going through the individual modules should take no more than 3-5 minutes. In this way, learners will be able to absorb the necessary information easily and without getting bored.

6. Use video.

To describe your products, you can use videos to serve as a demonstration of their capabilities. Learners can watch the video as many times as they want, as well as show it to potential customers.

7. Add simulations.

To make your training clearer, you can add simulations. You can base the simulations on product manuals, add images or animated characters.

8. Evaluate the knowledge of salespeople.

At the end of the training, be sure to assess your salespeople's knowledge. Otherwise, you have no way of knowing if the learning objectives were achieved.

Use these tips when creating your sales training and increase the effectiveness of your sales department.

Source: http://blog.commlabindia.com/training-solutions/online-product-sales-training-8-tips.

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