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Schools and e-learning

How should it be approached?

The introduction of new technologies in education is associated with the development and change of already established methodologies, sharing a common vision of things and their implementation.

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In this paper we outline the components that a successful strategy for introducing e-learning in schools should contain.

A strategy for introducing e-learning in schools

In school education, e-learning should focus on students and teachers and use technology as a means to facilitate the learning process. Education in schools should always focus on the needs and abilities of students and what are the easiest ways for them to learn the material. Learning is an ongoing process that should not be carried out without purpose and intention - this will support the development of students' full potential.

Before beginning to create and cultivate a new learning culture, all stakeholders must be clear that change is a necessity and that it is for the better. In a school where technology is already being used in teaching, it will be achieved much more easily than in a school where it is just being introduced. In the latter case, the mindset of those involved (teachers, parents, children) needs to change first and then the actual implementation of the new process can proceed.

The number one goal of education should be student achievement. Any decision to change must be taken in this direction. And if school members don't know how to achieve it, they need to figure that out first. New approaches and ideas of teaching must be adopted that may be at odds with those previously used.

The main strategy for the successful implementation of e-learning in schools should be based on concentrating on the strengths of teachers, students and staff. To this end, they should share their experiences - pedagogical and technical - and only then proceed to build the e-culture in question.


E-learning is becoming increasingly prevalent in schools trying to meet the educational needs of their students. With the help of all stakeholders, an elearning culture can be developed.

Source: http://elearningindustry.com/creating-an-e-learning-school-culture.

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