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The secret of a successful course

8 tips for more successful distance learning

The most important thing about distance learning (online training) is to understand the people we are creating it for. They, like traditional ones, need to follow appropriate rules to make them more accessible, understandable and interesting for learners.

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In other words, the design of each course is very important. The more it meets the learners' expectations and interests, the easier it will be for them to learn the material. This can be facilitated by a variety of tools such as pictures, videos and texts that help people get the most out of the subject matter.

Effective e-learning (e-learning) should have a proper design. It is crucial that the courses reflect the characteristics and features of each group of learners so that the learning content can meet their needs. For example, it matters whether we create marketing training for students who are just entering the field or for people who have been working in the field for several years.

The secret to a successful course is for its designer to immerse themselves in the psychology and understand the needs of the people they are creating it for. In this article we offer you 8 principles that are universal for all groups of people. Even if you don't have time to research the specific group that is the beneficiary of your online course, these principles will help you better understand how human psychology works.

Famous Individuals

When creating distance learning (online training), keep in mind that people like and trust more celebrities they know from the public sphere: performers, actors, political leaders, scientists, etc. Therefore, to make your courses more appealing to students, include pictures, speeches, songs, etc. of people who are famous and preferably liked by the majority.


Systematizing information in tables is widely popular. Such a way of arranging information makes it clearer and saves space. Tables are good if we want to reference something, but not if we want to remember a piece of information. The human brain is wired to remember more easily anything that is related to a story consisting of logically sequential and interrelated events. By reading the story, people become empathetic to the events that trigger their natural emotional reaction to what is happening. Thus their thinking is stimulated and remembering becomes easier.

The redundant is removed

The brain constantly deletes information that is not being used to make way for another. Modern e-learning (e-learning) models apply strategies whereby new information is applied immediately to be retained permanently. An example of this is the tests after the end of each lesson. If you get students to use what they have learned immediately, it will be cemented in their minds as something important, which will prevent it from being discarded from memory.

People judge a subject by its packaging

Although we strive to be objective, our first impressions of a person we meet are 90% based on their appearance. The same applies to online courses. The better and more professionally made they look, the better the content is designed, the easier it is to make a good first impression on learners.
Fonts, pictures and other types of multimedia can help make your course design better, thus gaining the trust and interest of learners and encouraging them to keep going.

The Order

Sometimes it's possible to design a well-designed course with relevant content but still get poor results. This may be due to the fact that the different components of the course and their logical sequence do not follow the memorization scheme that her brain has created. You can help learners by organizing the information in a way that makes the material easier to absorb, such as using stories, graphs, quizzes, pictures, and other of the techniques already mentioned.


Who doesn't love surprises? They provoke curiosity and evoke pleasant emotions. A very effective idea for better learning is to combine the learning content with some kind of surprise that occurs during or immediately after the learning process. Surprises maintain interest and act as a reward for the results achieved and an incentive to move on.

Sifting through information

Every day, for one reason or another, we are confronted with vast amounts of content. It is no coincidence that we live in what we call the 'information society'. Of course, we cannot remember and reproduce everything that passes through our minds. It is only natural to filter the information that enters our minds to protect ourselves from "overheating". To prevent important data from being deleted, make it eye-catching by using a certain font, increasing the size or adding colour.

People love success

Some time ago I read that people are happy when they achieve victories in their lives. If we want to stimulate high productivity in someone, the best thing to do is to provide them with the opportunity in the learning process to continually accomplish some small victories. That way, interest and motivation will be maintained on a constant basis. In e-learning (e-learning), this can be accomplished by feedback that notifies the learner of the progress and goals he has achieved. You can be sure that this practice will lead to success because it gives people the impression that they are developing, which stimulates them to keep going.

The principles we have presented will allow you to explore the basic characteristics of human nature when it comes to learning and mastering matter. If you stick to them, your online courses will be better received and produce higher results. 

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