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How to create successful in-house training?

5 tips to train and entertain your employees at the same time

For e-learning to be successful, it must engage. Unfortunately, however, this doesn't happen often.

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Particularly in the case of in-house training, which for the most part is mandatory and rarely produces good results.

How do you create training that both educates your employees and entertains them? Check out our 5 tips and apply them to your next online course.

Use relevant content

To get your employees' attention, you need to provide content that is interesting and useful to them. If it's not, they won't be motivated and will take in very little of the training material.

Deliver training at the right time

Rather than creating one large course that takes months to complete, it's better to split the training into several smaller modules. That way, your employees can get the information they need when they need it, apply it immediately, and remember it.

Focus on design

Your employees can perceive the training even better if you choose an appropriate design. Even if you're creating a very short course, you shouldn't neglect its look. It influences people's perceptions and increases the value of the training.

Don't forget the interactions

Interactions have a positive impact on employee engagement. Unfortunately, however, most distance learning is straightforward. If they contain interactive elements, they are few in number.

The easiest way to add them is by making certain actions mandatory, such as clicking, dragging, filling in information, etc. Another option, requiring more special preparation, is to build your training based on a multi-layered interactive scenario.

Don't lock the navigation

People don't learn a piece of content simply because you've shown it to them. Therefore, locking the navigation is pointless. Allow your employees to move freely through your eLearning content. If you want to get them to learn more, set them a task they couldn't solve if they hadn't gone through all the material.

You can use these tips in many different ways. Remember, your goal is to engage and create an experience that both educates and entertains.

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