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Successful trainer

How to become a valuable trainer for your company?

Trainers are an often undervalued position in organizations, despite their important nature.

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If you want to show your managers and colleagues that your work matters, you can follow the tips below.

Tips that will make you a better trainer

Training should create value.

Your training should create value. Ideally, it should meet the needs of the organization. But in reality, things are different. Not all courses are focused on performance. And that's the main reason the work of trainers in organizations isn't always considered meaningful.

Training needs to meet business objectives.

To be a useful asset to your organization, you need to keep track of what the company's business goals are and what it is doing to meet them. Think about how you can help it achieve its goals through training. That way, you will be seen as a valuable partner and a proactive individual.

Training results should be measurable.

Training results should be measurable. But what is measured should be significant. It is common for a training to focus on one topic but the metrics are different.

Trainers need to be assertive.

Learners are usually passive and don't always feel connected to the needs of the organization. Employees should want to assist the organization and offer proactive solutions. It is not up to you alone, but you can give something of yourself.


Trainers need to understand the organization's goals and tie their training to them. This will make your work more productive.

Source: https://blogs.articulate.com/rapid-elearning/3-ways-to-save-your-training-job/.

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