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The Best eLearning Gamification Companies 2019

e-Learning Industry ranks NIT in the Top 20 companies

NIT-New Internet Technologies falls in the TOP 20 in the prestigious ranking of the e-Learning Industry website

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One of the e-learning leaders - e-Learning Industry, presented a list of the best creators of gamification in 2019. After a long market observation focused on prestige, influence, activity, and innovation, experts are sure to have screened the 20 "true masters of gamification".

NIT - New Internet Technologies Ltd. is proud to announce that the company is ranked among the best creators and providers of gamification! The evaluation performed is based on strict criteria. These include the quality of service offered and the specialization in the field, customer feedback, experience in e-learning, innovation, social responsibility, features and opportunities in the field of gamification. In addition to making learning an exciting experience, it enhances the process of sharing knowledge and information.

Gamification is an innovative training method whose main purpose is to create interactive games that take place online or offline and increase student engagement. In this way, the attention and concentration of the students remain longer focused on the course material. Through entertainment, a dry theory is more easily learned and remembered.

Gamification is a new generation educational tool that blends the virtual with the real world, delivering much better and longer-lasting results. It helps people learn new things, broaden their concepts, encourage their development, acquire a new skill.

NIT - New Internet Technologies Ltd. has been awarded a special badge from the e-Learning Industry, which it will proudly carry, as proof of customer satisfaction and quality of services offered by the company.

Trust in our proven e-learning experience and do not hesitate to contact us! Provide your learners with an unforgettable learning experience filled with games and interactions!

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