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UniCredit Bulbank

Design and development of elearning courses for bank No.1 in Bulgaria

UniCredit Bulbank is a leading European bank operating in 14 major countries and 18 other world markets.

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About the client UniCredit bg

The bank has over 25 million clients.

UniCredit Bulbank is No.1 bank in Bulgaria, a leading leasing company, a leader in factoring and consumer finance.

Project description 

NIT-New Internet Technologies Ltd. developed a series of custom e-trainings (using content submitted by the client). All courses are used as part of the client's in-house training program.

Client requirements

The main requirements of the client were the strict following of the provided content and its structure, incorporation of the corporate vision in every elearning course, and constant monitoring of the process.

Our solution

NIT-New Internet Technologies Ltd. designed and developed all elearning courses by meeting all client requirements and we succeeded to deliver the projects within the specified deadlines.

The design of the training was in line with the corporate vision (colors and logo). We used all materials provided by the client and we made the training interactive, modern and easier to remember.

Description of the process

The design and development of all elearning courses included the following stages and processes.

Receiving and reviewing the content submitted by the client.

Meeting with a client representative to discuss the specific requirements of each course.

• Creation of an in-depth storyboard and its approval by the client.

Design and development of the elearning course.


• Producing the training in SCORM format and its delivery to the client.


The end result is an interactive, еlearning course that allows the client to train its employees more easily and in shorter terms. All rights are reserved by the client, meaning they can use the courses to train an unlimited number of employees for an unlimited period of time.

All e-trainings consist of images and graphic elements that are in line with the corporate vision of the client; there are a lot of interactions that hold and direct the learners' attention; sounds (melodies, voice-over), tests, etc.

All elearning courses are developed with elearning authoring tools that produce courses in SCORM format.

Besides custom elearning development UniCredit Bulbank / UniCredit bg/ chose to use some of our soft and business skills off-the-shelf elearning courses.

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