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Useful materials on occupational safety and health

Basic tips for ensuring safe working conditions

If we go back in history, paying attention to the work and the conditions in which it was carried out, and compare the status quo then with the status quo now, we will notice many differences.

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The predominantly agricultural economy has been replaced by the achievements of the industrial age. Completely new industries - those related to mining, processing, transport, chemicals, etc. - are proving to be prosperous. Economic progress, however, is not only bringing positive changes - along with it are increasing risks that thousands of workers face on a daily basis.

Politicians and manufacturers are beginning to introduce policies that were unheard of before - those of occupational safety. These, in addition to providing the necessary working conditions, include compulsory initial and periodic staff training. As you probably know, these rules are still in force today. Therefore, in order to make it easier for you to create the training materials in question, we have included some basic tips related to safe working conditions in the following lines. 

Hand protection

Employers must provide their employees with appropriate hand protection if there is a risk of them injuring these parts of their body while at work. 

Head protection

If the job requires it, the employer must provide employees with helmets to be worn at all times. 

Eye protection

The employer must make sure that its employees wear appropriate eye and face protection, and that the equipment chosen is appropriate to the work they are doing and that it is tailored.

Ear protection

Ear protection is the most basic protection against exposure to loud noise.

Respiratory protection

The employer must provide masks for all workers who are exposed during their work to influences that may damage their respiratory tract. 

Emergency room/station

Showers and washbasins provide rapid decontamination. With their help, employees can flush away hazardous substances that have come onto their bodies.


  • Suitable clothing
  • Conditions for safe lifting/moving of objects
  • Suitable conditions for handling hazardous materials



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