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How to use video in eLearning?

5 tips on how to use videos in your eLearning course

The incredible opportunities that video materials provide make them a great addition to all eLearning courses.

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Videos have two main advantages: 1. They can provoke discussions. 2. The information they present is easy to understand and memorize. They can be placed at every part of the training. 

There are several rules to be followed when using eLearning videos:

1. Videos should be short and they should emphasize on the most important information.

2. The most effecrtive videos are "how-to" videos. 

3. Videos can ask questions, such as "Did you happen to be ...", "Have you felt ...?" This will create a sense of communication.

4. Videos should look professional. This is not always linked to higher costs, and details make a good impression. Content, of course, is the most important part, but the quality of the visual elements also attract attention and interest.

5. Last, but not least, use your imagination and be creative. As already mentioned, pay attention to the details, like the music and the plot. Carelessly made videos can lead to loss of interest, while the good ones will achieve a greater effect complementing the objectives of your eLearning course.

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