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What is a webinar? Benefits of webinars.

Webinars are real-time meetings that take place online.

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They can be recorded and watched again at any time and from any location.

Benefits of webinars

• Simultaneous communication with all participants, regardless of their location.

• A rich set of tools, such as images, videos, audio.

• Facilitate communication.

• Controlled access.

• Save time and money.

• Increase engagement.

• Ease of use.

Main features of webinar systems

There are different webinar systems, but majority of them have the following features:

• Session recording.

• Display of previously recorded video.

• Screen sharing.

• Communication tools – chat, audio, whiteboard.

• Live broadcast via webcam.

How businesses can use webinars?

• Provide information about a new service (product), functionality, or idea.

• Organizing and conducting corporate trainings.

• Organizing and conducting conferences and business meetings.

How educational institutions can use webinars?

• Provide new training modules, exercises and extracurricular activities.

• Provide training at an affordable price.

• Provide multilevel training - suitable for longer and advanced courses.

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