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Why enrol your child in an e-school?

How would e-school help you and your child?

Over the past few years, a new trend in primary education has begun to emerge in the West - pulling children out of traditional schools and into virtual programs.

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But what is the reason for this? Why do parents prefer to remove their children from a system that has worked successfully for decades? Here are some of the most commonly cited reasons:

1. E-schools provide children with extra free time to develop their talents.

Until two decades ago, primary school children were given almost no homework. While now it is not the case - students go home overwhelmed with assignments and have no free time to develop their talents - playing a musical instrument, drawing, playing sports, etc. Parents whose children attend an e-school say that they complete their assignments much faster as they are not distracted by talking to a classmate, for example. And finishing schoolwork earlier ensures more time for their favourite pastime.

2. Online schools help children avoid getting into unpleasant situations.

Unpleasant situations, such as bullying, poor teaching, or a controversial curriculum, can make going to school a less than pleasant experience. A large number of parents whose children attend an online school say they observe a positive effect on both educational progress and emotional health.

3. Families have more free time.

Hours at school, after school, and extracurricular activities do not allow families to spend enough time together. With e-schools, this problem does not exist and families have more free time to spend together.

4. Many e-schools help children work at their own pace.

One disadvantage of the traditional classroom is that teachers have to teach at the average pace and level for the class. Thus, if a child has difficulty learning certain material, he or she may fall behind because the teacher cannot give individual attention to all of his or her students. The opposite situation is also possible - if one of the children is doing easier and faster, he may be bored most of the time while his classmates are trying to catch up to his level.

5. Electronic schools help children become more independent.

By their very nature, online schools require students to be more independent as they have to work independently. Not all children can rise to this challenge, but those who do will certainly be better prepared for the rest of their education.

6. Online schools help students develop their technology skills.

Technology skills are important for all fields of endeavor. Online students gain professional knowledge of Internet communication and the use of various types of software, such as learning management systems, word processing programs, online conferencing programs, etc.

7. Families have more choices if they add to the list of schools those whose classes are conducted online.

Many families feel pressured when choosing a school for their child, as there are usually not many convenient options. With e-schools, this problem does not exist. They are always "at your fingertips", and they open up opportunities to develop different talents - acting, drawing, dancing, etc. Moreover, the prices in many of these schools are quite reasonable. And some, like those that are publicly funded, don't even require a fee.

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