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Company training with real-life examples

More effective corporate training using real-life examples

For your training to be effective, it needs to be engaging and memorable. How do you achieve this?

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The best you can do is to make it as close to real life situations as possible. Practical advice and knowledge is what your employees need. Forget long and boring texts. Rely on interactive scenarios and visualisation - they will help you a lot. In the following lines we have listed the five main advantages of this new, modern and effective way of creating training.

Real-life examples will keep your employees' attention

Your trainings should not overwhelm trainees with information, quite the opposite - trainees should be challenged to learn the knowledge they need. Real-life examples are a great way to achieve this goal. The content of your training should be placed in a scenario that individual employees can interact with differently and ultimately receive only the information that would be useful to them. For example, in your scenario you can add several characters - each one fulfilling a different role. Your employees will be able to choose the role that most closely resembles their real-life duties, and they'll get access to information that directly applies to them.

Your learners will remember information more easily and for longer

To remember training for longer, trainees need to connect with it emotionally. The only way to achieve this is by providing them with information with practical relevance and application for them. Successful trainings are those that don't just present some material, but those that present it in context and with the learners in mind.

Real-life examples will make your corporate training more engaging

Think about it - how often have you found yourself not listening to what others are saying during a conversation or meeting because the topics they are discussing don't directly affect you? The same goes for your employees. Training will only engage them if the content it covers is directly relevant to them. So, put the information in context, rely on personal impact, add characters that directly reflect your trainees, use anecdotes to lighten and cheer them up. People learn best if they feel that the information presented will be useful to them and if they don't overburden themselves with taking it in.

Real-life examples will help your trainees apply what they learn immediately

Adding real-life situations will help your learners understand exactly how to use what they have learned. They will be able to apply their new knowledge and skills immediately, and in a situation close to their everyday life. After all, the goal of your training is to make your employees more productive, right?

Trainees will be able to understand what the consequences of their decisions will be

If the scenario of your company training provides different possible solutions and consequences, the trainees will be able to understand what the results of their actions would be in one case or another. Thus, in a real situation, they will be able to make the right decision and prevent possible mistakes and problems. Sounds good, right?


If we have managed to convince you of the benefits of interactive scenarios, don't hesitate to contact us. Our team has over 10 years of experience in online training and we can make your training interesting, engaging and interactive.

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Source: http://elearningindustry.com/using-real-life-scenarios-in-elearning-5-advantages.

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