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Cover letter

How do I write a cover letter?

What do I need a cover letter for? How do I write it so that it stands out from other job applicants?

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What is the ideal cover letter? You are looking for a job. You have viewed dozens of ads, but here is one of them that intrigued you. The perfect job you've been dreaming of for a long time has been vacated! Your resume has been written for a long time, but there is one more thing you need to take care of. Prepare your cover letter. You quickly open an Internet browser and are literally overwhelmed by sample templates for a cover letter:

"I'm writing to you because I want to develop in the position you mentioned„;

"I want to offer you a possible cooperation…".

Notice that almost everyone starts the same way? Predefined phrases that say nothing specific and are used by almost every candidate. Surely you are aware that about 20-30 and sometimes more people apply for one position. Imagine that most of them decided to save time and used the ready-made template. All they had to do was enter their data. Before you say to yourself, "Well, yes, it's that easy!", think about it. If you do the same, how will you stand out? Why would an employer focus on you? He is more likely to get bored and tick off the next letter, which is a copy of the others.

In addition, you see that others have searched for you: Google offers:

cover letter for manager

motivational letter

cover letter for a teacher

cover letter for a bank

cover letter human resources

cover letter for sales representative

cover letter sample 2019

Do not despair! Here are some valuable tips that will surely help you stand out!

Address the cover letter to a specific person. Try to learn the name of the manager on whom your hiring depends. It may take some time, but this way you will demonstrate your interest in the position.

Limit yourself to one page. Your cover letter should not be longer than one page.
Even if you have something to say about yourself, set aside the most important things for the letter and keep the rest for the interview. Agree that everyone values ​​their time. Large amounts of information are more likely to be ignored.

How valuable are you to the company? The main purpose of the cover letter is to show why your employer would need you. Demonstrate your knowledge of the company by emphasizing the area in which you can be useful. For example:

“As your business grows, you will need experts to offer quality service to your customers. These skills are described in my CV and I have acquired them as a result of… “

Use verbs that will reinforce the implication of your letter. There are verbs that convey a different feeling to your speech. These are: manage, organize, optimize, build, coordinate and more. They will influence the image that the manager will build for you. Namely, that you are a motivated, highly dedicated person who will bring positive results and will have a solution to every problem.

Don't neglect the graphic design. If you want to make a good impression, it is advisable to give your cover letter and CV a clean and tidy look. To do this, leave enough space around the paragraphs. Make sure the font used is legible and 12 pt in size. Emphasize the most important words by bolding, but don't overdo it. It may seem like a waste of time, but it will show that you pay attention to detail.

Be active and request an appointment! Be brave and insist on a meeting. Show that you value both the manager's time and your own. Write something like,

I'll be in touch with you by the end of this week to make an appointment." We can discuss how to increase the productivity of your company. "

We hope our tips have inspired you to write a sample cover letter! Of course, this is just one of the steps towards the perfect presentation of the job interview.

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