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How to create an infographic?

7 steps to create a useful and memorable infographic

Infographics are one of the most popular means of presenting information. They are extremely convenient because they allow for a combined way of visualization - through text and graphic elements, giving a complete and complete look to your ideas.

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Besides, infographics are not particularly complicated to create. See how you can make an infographic yourself in 7 easy steps.

1. Determine the topic of your infographic.

The first thing you need to do is choose a theme to visualize. We encourage you to choose a topic that you are familiar with and have something to say about.

2. Gather information.

When working on your infographic, you should have gathered enough information beforehand. Quantitative and measurable information at that. If presented in the right way, numbers can tell a really interesting story.

3. Determine which is the most appropriate type of graph or chart.

Depending on the information you have, you will need to use a different way of visualizing, a different type of graph or chart. If you are going to present something in percentages, pie charts are extremely appropriate. If you are comparing things or processes, use line charts.

4. Think of an interesting way to present the information in your chosen format.

If your infographic topic allows, replace some of the elements in the graph/diagram with illustrations of relevant objects.

5. Make a sketch of your design.

To get a better idea of what your infographic will look like, you can draw it on a piece of paper first. This will make it easier to see how you want your idea to be presented.

6. Follow the basic principles of graphic design.

Your infographic should look consistent. Choose one way of visualization and follow it. Choose appropriate and matching colors. Show the similarities and differences clearly.

7. Add annotations where needed.

Readers of your infographic will find it helpful to add explanations to the graphics you have placed. This is actually where they will learn the most. Add titles, brief explanations, numbers - anything that strikes you as appropriate.

Source: http://elearningbrothers.com/7-quick-steps-making-elearning-infographic/. 

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