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IQ test

Intelligence test - direct your efforts in the right direction

IQ test when choosing a profession and related problems; when selecting staff; when choosing a school and studying; in establishing clinical trials of diseases that negatively affect intelligence

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IQ test - sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Surely you have come across such a test at least once while surfing a social network.

In fact, the purpose of IQ tests is not just to laugh at your friend's score. Different in type and complexity, their goal is to measure intelligence, focusing on verbal and visual skills, mathematical comprehension, short-term memory, pattern recognition, analytical thinking, and spatial orientation.

You understand that the results of an IQ test provide very valuable information about the health and potential of a person. 

That is why it is widely used in various fields - in choosing a profession and related problems; when selecting staff; when choosing a school and studying; in establishing clinical trials of diseases that negatively affect intelligence.



Everyone of us needs to look at ourselves and realize our strengths and weaknesses. Solving an intelligence test will help you direct your efforts in the right direction. It will have a positive effect on changing and adapting your thought process. It will give you information about your health condition and, accordingly, the time of action in case a problem is identified.

Wondering if your child is gifted? Or does he have difficulty learning the material? It is often difficult to say, as talented children do not usually stand out as more successful in school. The IQ test can be the first step in diagnosing intellectual problems. It provides precise individual determination of children's abilities. Based on this, parents can choose the most appropriate path for development so that they reach the full potential of their children or, accordingly, take appropriate measures and provide assistance in case disabilities are identified. It is therefore advisable to take IQ tests from an early age for best effects.

You do not need to harness your sixth sense to judge whether a job candidate in your company is suitable. Thanks to the various qualities it evaluates, the intelligence test plays an excellent role in any necessary selection.

If you are often faced with such a need, why not take advantage of our offer? NIT - New Internet Technologies Ltd. is here to offer you both the development of all types of tests and a suitable system for their application. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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