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Professions of the future

Which professions will be in demand. Which professions will disappear?

The changes taking place in our way of life and work as a result of the pandemic will become the new normal. Many people feel these trends and begin to refocus on the professions of the future, new professions that will be increasingly in demand.

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Last year was extremely important for all of us. With the advent of the pandemic, many businesses have closed their doors due to restrictive measures, some have significantly reduced their work volume and even become somehow unnecessary for people. However, other businesses and professions gained more speed and even made more profit in this unusual situation.

It is increasingly being said that the changes that have taken place in our way of life and at work as a result of the pandemic will become the new normal. And many people are feeling these trends and are beginning to reorient themselves to new professions that are expected to be increasingly in demand in the near future-the professions of the future. And, unfortunately, there is also the opposite effect-some professions and work positions may disappear in the coming years.

If you have not yet moved on to some professions or positions that are expected to take place in the future, this article will certainly be useful for you.

Let's start with the professions that will develop more and more in the future.
IT professionals

Undoubtedly, all specialists in this field occupy the first place among the most popular people for work in the future. And this is understandable, given the rapid pace of technology development. They are already part of almost any small or large business, and the need for such specialists is constantly growing, and more and more companies that still do not have such a position are hard to look for to hire qualified IT managers.

The most sought-after profession in this field will be software engineers / developers. According to many studies, they occupy the first place in the charts of the most popular professions in the future. Not surprisingly, the rewards for this work are also among the highest in the world.

More and more mobile app developers are looking for it. Given that the use of mobile apps for business purposes and customer achievement is growing, it is logical to assume that mobile app developers will also become an increasingly attractive and sought-after profession in the coming years.

We also can't ignore the words of Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg: "I think that in the future, everyone, not just programmers, will be connected to the elements of programming"“ It is worth at least considering whether it is time for us to improve our IT knowledge and skills, given their growing demand and need in the future. The digital revolution dictates at least basic digital literacy. This can be acquired even with the help of short courses on mastering the skills of working with word processors, acquiring skills for creating presentations or for working with graphic programs, for example: Adobe Photoshop.

Web designers / Graphic designers

Any business and any company currently can not exist without a website, advertising on social networks and generally without information on the Internet. This is why in the future, web designers will be increasingly in demand to create websites.

We all know how important it is to have beautiful and unique images of our business, product, or brand to distinguish ourselves from others. Today, images are of leading importance if we want to be noticed and sold on social networks. But talented graphic designers come to the rescue, who are able to sell even just one image. How we can get started right now, see here.

Doctors and nurses

This pandemic has shown us that, no matter how we develop technologically and try to replace a lot of human activity with technology, there is one profession in which the human factor remains leading and indispensable. These are professions in the field of health care-doctors, surgeons, dentists and all medical professionals. It makes no sense to say that these are professions that cannot disappear in the future and that will continue to develop. Yes, and in this area, technologies are developing, and it is necessary that everyone who works in the field is familiar with the latest inventions and how to use them.

Financial managers

Any business, whether small or large, works with money. In larger companies, financial managers are appointed who are responsible for this part of the business. They track the income and expenses in the organization, looking for ways to optimize profits and reduce costs. Since money is still the main medium of exchange, in the future, people will still need companies to manage them and help them achieve the financial goals of the organization.

Personal trainers, controversial therapists, yoga instructors, nutritionists

Sports and healthy eating are becoming a fashion for a new generation and not only. Today, it is accepted that every self-respecting person should take care of their body and lead a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, we can safely assume that in the future, all healthy lifestyle consultants, such as trainers, nutritionists, yoga instructors, will be increasingly in demand. We'll need personal trainers to prepare us for the right exercises, sports therapists to ease tense muscles, nutritionists to tell us what protein shakes to drink to keep fit. And here's a new trend that emerged during the pandemic and lockdowns-many of the workouts and consultations can now be done online, and that's an added convenience for customers.

Psychologists, personal development coaches, human resources specialists

A busy lifestyle led to the search for a profession that in the past was not so popular, namely, a psychologist. More and more people are seeking help from a psychology professional to cope with stress in their daily lives, problems in work and relationships, and to feel more relaxed and confident. In recent years, much has been said about the importance of mental health for a person's ability to work and their satisfaction with life. Psychologists now work in schools, as well as in larger companies in the service of employees, to overcome problems in their work and stay motivated.

Also, as a result of the search for ways to overcome stress and find balance in life, a new profession has appeared-a personal development coach or "life coach". Their job is to help people find out what they are missing, to feel happy and full, to motivate them to overcome their fears, and to inspire them to achieve their dreams and goals. Many of these trainers also organize workshops where they pass on their knowledge and motivate a large group of people. And here, the pandemic contributed to the use of T. garnet. webinars instead of live seminars on personal development.

Within a few years, every major company already has a "human resources" department.""who takes care of the management of people, dealing with various aspects of the work, such as labor law and work standards, administration of employee benefits, and is actively involved in the selection and appointment of staff. The new responsibilities of HR professionals include helping employees develop from entry-level to senior employees, providing training opportunities, and guiding them to appropriate professional development within the company. In the future, due to the development of technology, the role of personnel will also be related to what tasks and positions can be automated.

Cybersecurity Specialists

According to many reports, there is a worldwide shortage of cybersecurity professionals, and companies and organizations are increasingly in need of such a position. The reason for this is the increasingly frequent hacker attacks and extortion that follow such an attack. Thus, this profession will certainly be one of the most popular in the future.


This is a relatively new profession that is beginning to become very popular and is used for advertising on social networks. Many brands already choose to work with them because they have the ability to create trends and influence their followers ' buying decisions. Is it possible that they will replace the models and advertising campaigns of the products that we are going to find out.


An increasing number of households have pets. Therefore, it is logical that people will need someone who will take care of the health of their favorite animals and treat them as needed. Thus, veterinarians will become more and more popular and necessary for people and their pets.

Marketing specialists

Creativity, original ideas and innovative thinking are qualities that will be highly appreciated in the future. One of the professions of the future in this field is a media remixer. It is a person who mixes and combines different media to create one-of-a-kind products or experiences. These tools combine video, audio, images, and materials with augmented reality to create marketing campaigns, educational tools, wedding installations, entertainment, and unique experiences. A media remixer is a person who is very creative, curious, motivated and adventurous. They may have previous experience in some creative fields, such as art history or music education. Remixer can continue these artistic skills and take some initial business course to prepare for a competitive creative market.

The professions listed so far have been part of the professions that are likely to be increasingly in demand in the near future.

If we want to look at professions that will be relevant in the more distant future, then we need to talk about professions that don't exist yet.

What professions can still appear?

- Virtual reality designer-the person who will create the design of the virtual environment.

- Specialists in alternative energy sources-it is assumed that in the future traditional energy sources will be replaced by new and more environmentally friendly ones and, therefore, the emergence of specialists in this field should follow.

- Digital Currency Experts-Bitcoin is increasingly needed, and experts who understand these currencies will become very much in demand in the future.

- Artificial intelligence specialists-robots can not only be characters in science fiction films, but also become a part of people's lives. Of course, you will need specialists who know how to manage and configure them to be in the best interests of people.

- Gamer-you will develop games for easy assimilation of knowledge, trainings, lessons.

Changes in our world are taking place at a rapid pace and are extremely dynamic. Unfortunately, as a result of the new changes and requirements of the environment, there are professions that may very well disappear in the future.

What professions are at risk of extinction?
- Tailors

- Postmen.

- Librarians

- Jewelers

- Translators

- Editor of newspapers and magazines

- Factory workers

- Cashiers in stores

- Bank employees

- Insurance agents

- Travel agents and others.

The reason these and other professions are disappearing is that these activities can be replaced and largely replaced by machines, digital services, and bots that can perform their functions.

In conclusion, in our opinion, the biggest trend for the professions of the future is that most of them will be able to work online from anywhere in the world, if, of course, you have a computer and the Internet.

Many professions will have flexible working hours, and employers will spend more results in the work than in the hours worked.

And let's not forget that the future is never familiar, and what we assume may or may not happen. Perhaps the most important thing for working in the future will be that everyone will work, what they love, and what they are good at. We are confident that the future will offer many opportunities for this.

And end with a quote from Kingsley Amis:

"If you want to do whatever you want, try doing it at least once, and it will be easier and easier in the future.“

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