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How staff training leads to business success

Success depends on changing the thinking of employees

Success is capricious. It requires special efforts. One of them is the change in the thinking of employees. How to make it ahead of the competition and succeed? Employee training is key.

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A change in the way employees think and behave may seem like a term that is taken for granted, but in fact it contains much more meaning. There is a whole science (behavioral) that seeks to understand the reasons leading to this change. Staff training plays a key role in this.

Everyone has a specific attitude and this is something completely natural. In an organization, it is often used to characterize the way people do their jobs. To say that a staff training is effective must change the way people think and act in different situations.

What must happen in a person's brain for the desired change to occur?

As with anything, it's much easier to talk about it than it is to do it. There is no way to just close your eyes and achieve a complete change. This is directly related to what is happening in your brain.

Psychologist Dean Ware explains it this way:
"When brain cells communicate often, the connection between them is strengthened and the messages that go the same way in the brain over and over again begin to be transmitted faster and faster. With enough repetition, the behavior becomes automatic. Reading, writing and cycling are examples of complex actions that we do automatically, thanks to the formed neural pathways.

How can this be achieved? Through staff training, of course! This means that a change in the way we think and behave requires the creation of new pathways in the brain. Then you need to strengthen them until the new model becomes your second nature!

Why is it important to have a change in the consciousness and behavior of employees?
People's behavior affects everything in and out of their workplace. Determines how this affects the company culture, commitment and level of motivation. James P. Karze writes, "Only what can change will continue." There is no place where this thesis is more applicable than in the business world. If an organization cannot influence the behavior of its employees, then it will have a very unstable basis. On the other hand, if you are promoting a culture that is open to change and you want to work in it, there is absolutely nothing to stop your company from achieving its goals! Does staff training help? Without a doubt, this is the way!

3 ways in which a change in mindset affects business:

  1. Increases workplace happiness
    Investing in staff training, which leads to behavior change, will help reduce unnecessary sick days, staff turnover and stress. The better trained an employee is, the happier he is because he will be more able to work. Happy employees are up to 20% more productive than unhappy ones.
  2. Increases profitability
    Being open to change the way you think and act not only saves money, but can also increase income. In fact, high-performing commercial organizations are twice as likely to provide up-to-date training as those with low efficiency. This is because training changes behavior and improves efficiency!
  3. Save time
    Resetting your mind can significantly improve the effectiveness of your team. For example, the average employee loses 22 minutes a day dealing with IT issues. With proper staff training, this time can be used at work. This can have a huge effect on productivity.

What happens to an organization if the thinking and behavior of its employees never change?

Imagine what your business would look like if it hadn't changed in any aspect in the last thirty years - everyone would show off at work, dressed in electric suits, sitting in front of beige computers and using fax machines while sipping coffee. Such an organization will never survive in today's fast-paced world. If staff training does not change the way your employees think and act, then the budget for it has gone to waste!

Encourage and motivate your employees to work on changing their thinking and behavior. This will be useful both for them and for the successful development of your company.

Create an appropriate staff training program and implement it. Use modern training methods: distance learning platforms, interactive e-learning, academies for acquiring competencies and testing to get feedback and the result of the application of a staff training program.

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