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Successful sales for traders

Trainings for traders

In sales training, in addition to sales methods and rules for more sales, training the psyche of salespeople and their self-motivation are very important.

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What can any trader do to motivate themselves and have the necessary attitude to keep going, to push themselves and to "get up" after every rejection.

We know that customer rejections can be very demotivating. We suggest you take our 7 sales training courses and get the skills you need to sell more and sell better.

Here are 15 phrases every salesperson can use to deal with customer demotivation and rejection

These phrases are very motivating and inspiring. Print them out and hang them in your workplace.

Working in sales is not easy, even for those who really love their jobs. Not only beginners, but experienced sales department professionals can feel the pressure in such a competitive field.

That's why a salesperson just needs a set of practices they can rely on to stay calm, motivated and ready for the next challenge. If your set of techniques for keeping your spirits up are running low, sentence-affirmations are a great way to fill it.

Affirmations are positive statements that are meant to encourage, motivate and support. Research confirms that repeating affirmations repeatedly can help people maintain self-confidence, reduce anxiety, and overcome fears about their competence.

For affirmations to work, they must be realistic and tailored to the person's specific goals. This means that instead of focusing on general or conditional statements, it is better to use phrases that are directly related to the salespeople's experience.

What phrases work for sales?

It's a good idea to choose statements that are relevant to you and are aimed at improving sales results. Regularly written down or recited aloud, they can have a positive effect on a professional's confidence and self-esteem and lead to a more successful sales performance.

According to neuroscientists, 95% of our thoughts are in the subconscious mind, meaning our deepest beliefs strongly influence how we behave. So, these phrases can positively influence our subconscious thoughts.

Here are some examples of positive statements that can help salespeople become more motivated and have a more positive outlook on work and life.

1. I am confident in my ability to make a sale
For salespeople, self-confidence is a must, but no one is Superman to feel 100% all the time. This statement is especially helpful to tell yourself when you have a deal coming up that scares you or you're experiencing imposter syndrome.

2. I have the knowledge and skills to support my clients.
Impostor syndrome usually occurs when a person doubts their skills and abilities. That's why you need to take the time, focus, and remind yourself that you have or can acquire the skills and knowledge needed to succeed. This is a great way to get back on track.

3. Get Results
A salesperson's job is to sell and ultimately increase company profits. This simple phrase affirms that you have achieved results in the past and reinforces the belief that you will continue to achieve them in the future.

4. I can turn difficulties into opportunities
Setbacks are common, but you can overcome them. Repeat to yourself "I can turn failure into opportunity" recognizing that mistakes and setbacks happen, but this should not limit you.

5. Every failure is an opportunity to meet the perfect client
Every salesperson faces multiple rejections. However, the long periods during which you receive rejections can be frustrating. If you are depressed by rejections, this statement will be very helpful. While it is frustrating to be rejected and lose a potential client, it creates space and opportunity to meet the ideal client. This sentence will help you rethink rejection and look at it from a positive perspective.

6. Every "no" I hear is an invitation to grow and improve.
When you hear rejection, you can get great feedback. As you think about the deals you didn't close, try to figure out what you can do differently next time or where you can improve your approach. It's better to take these events as an invitation to do something better instead of getting upset about being told no.

7. I solve customer problems and I'm great at it.
Sales is about helping customers solve their problems. Highlighting your ability to solve problems creatively and effectively is a good and helpful reminder.

8. I help customers by listening to their needs
You won't be able to help customers if you don't listen to them and try to understand their needs. Listening to the customer is one of the core competencies of successful salespeople. This affirmative sentence will help you strengthen your listening skills.

9. I do my best to achieve results
This statement serves as a reminder that the impossible is possible if every effort is made to change it.

10. I am ready for anything
To turn a skeptical customer into a loyal customer, you must be able to handle objections. This statement serves as a reminder of the importance of preparation, no matter what obstacles stand in your way.

11. I can achieve any goal I set for myself.
Sometimes you just need a purely positive affirmation. And that affirmation can be your positive dope. As you work toward your sales goals, visualize closing the deal.

12. Behave with honesty and integrity
Unfortunately, salespeople have a reputation for being people who can't be trusted, which complicates their job overall and makes it difficult to build relationships with potential buyers. This sentence serves as a reminder to work with integrity, which is critical to building trust with customers.

13. I get paid well for what I love to do
Percentage-based motivation schemes are stressful. One month you can execute the plan and make good money, and the next month you can fail and not close a single deal. Mantras like "I get paid well for doing what I love to do" focus on earning what you deserve.

14. Continuously learn and develop
Even the most seasoned sales professionals find ways to learn and improve. Repeating this sentence will make it easier to accept feedback and support you on the path of building your career as a successful salesperson.

15. Know when to push and when to back off
Salespeople need to know how and when to push on. However, it's just as important to respect boundaries and know when to let the customer go and move on.

How to incorporate sentences into everyday life:

  • Write down the ones that are close to you and keep them in front of your eyes.
  • At the beginning of your work day, say your favorite statements out loud 5-10 times.
  • Repeat your statements as you practice your daily meditation.


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