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Educational technologies that will gain popularity in 2018

6 educational technologies that deserve your attention

Modern world is ruled by technologies. They are pouring their way into the traditionally more conservative educational sphere, too.

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Today, we will introduce you 6 technologies that will gain more popularity in the educational sphere in 2018.

Mobile learning

With the increased usage of smartphones, mobile learning is already a big thing, and it will continue to be an educational trend. Mobile learning allows learners to take their courses using their favorite technology – their smartphone. Mobile trainings are short, meaningful and easy to navigate. Everything that e modern learner needs.

Cloud-Based Technology

Teachers and educators can use cloud-based technology to create a repository of training materials. This will reduce the costs for the learners and will give them the opportunity to access the training materials from anywhere.


Gamification makes trainings more interactive and interesting for the learners. The end result is an effective training and better learners’ retention.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual and Augmented Reality give learners a real-life learning experience, as they can interact with digital learning objects. The outcome is a memorable and useful training that learners enjoy.

Machine learning

Machine learning personalizes the training, using the learner’s speed of reading and taking in mind his problem areas. Machine learning is the method that can ensure a very personalized learning experience.

Online tests

Online tests are easier to create and distribute. They can be accessed from various devices and have a report feature that teachers and educators can use to analyze the learners’ performance.

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