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Top 20 creators of e-learning for 2019

e-Learning Industry ranks NIT in the TOP 20 companies

NIT - New Internet Technologies is in the TOP 20 in the prestigious ranking of the site e-Learning Industry

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NIT - New Internet Technologies are in the TOP 20 of the best companies, creators of e-learning and creators of e-content for micro-learning in 2019!

"With great enthusiasm we announce our list of Top creators of e-learning in 2019. For the first time, we made an in-depth analysis of some of the major players in the field of micro-learning. Find out who you should definitely follow!”

With these words, one of the most influential sites in the field of e-learning, e-Learning industry, presented its Top ranking based on authority, flexibility, interactivity, gamification options and customer opinion as criteria to choose from.

For their list of the best creators of e-learning for micro-learning, experts make their assessment according to the following criteria: quality of e-learning, customer feedback, expertise in e-learning, innovation in the e-learning sector, corporate social responsibility.

Many of the surveyed companies offer 100% potential. Everyone has their own learner-centered approach that ensures better learning in less time. Experts from the e-Learning industry site believe that they have managed to select the best of the best candidates. In their in-depth analysis, they have tried to highlight who the true masters of accessibility and flexibility in e-learning are.

At the end of the survey, the number of candidates for the ranking was reduced to 20.

We are proud to announce that NIT ranks 16th!

"It is clear that these twenty companies are not just motivated by commercial success, but by something much deeper. Professional experience and high quality products that ultimately facilitate the customer's flawless experience. These 20 companies have a stable and focused structure when it comes to the content they offer. They take great care and expertise in their continuous development and offer excellent micro-learning.” In its article, the e-Learning Industry website presents a detailed description of our services:

"NIT - New Internet Technologies offers innovative e-learning services, including LMS integration, configuration, customization, training, hosting, support and development of e-learning courses, videos, animation and more. Their company offers both ready-made e-learning courses and services for designing and developing personalized e-learning that engage, motivate and deliver real results. In addition, their professionals include all modern principles and tools to create an e-learning course within budget and deadlines. They have a wide portfolio of completed e-learning projects for both large corporate clients and small/medium-sized enterprises."