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Case study: Business Planning (interactive online course)

Business skills training for Coca-Cola HBC Youth Empowered programme

This training is about one of the fundamental business skills – business planning.

Business planning course - CocaCola HBC-1
Business planning course - CocaCola HBC-2
Business planning course - CocaCola HBC-3

Approximate reading time: 44 sec


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In the end of the course learners will be familiar with the following information: What is a business plan? Why do they need it if they want to start a successful business? What information a business plan includes? and many more.

Course outline

Business plan. Opening section.

• Cover letter
• Title page
• Table of contents
• Executive summary

Business plan. Company overview.

• Structure of business and ownership
• Company history
• Location
• Team
• Business objectives
• Products and services
• Vision statement
• Mission statement
• Values
• Market opportunities
• Industry Forces and Trends
• Competition analysis
• Standing out from the competition

Business plan. Marketing your products.

• Customer segmentation
• Buyer’s adoption process
• Marketing and advertising
• Sales strategy

Business plan. Description of operations.

• Production and distribution
• Manufacturing

Business plan. Financial information.

• Financial documents - Income statement, Balance sheet, Cash Flow Statement
• Activity “Creating a business plan”

Journaling Activity


Coca-Cola HBC, Youth Empowered Programme


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