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The challenge called healthy living

Healthy living - myth or reality?

Maintaining good physical shape is a matter of a proper diet, combined with physical exercise and, of course, rest. With enough perseverance and persistence you could achieve stunning results!

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Are you familiar with the feeling of losing track of time? You open your eyes in the morning and close them in the evening, and the minutes, hours, days, even years that have passed in the meantime slip away imperceptibly, melted down to a brief moment. Your daily life is a continuous cycle that absorbs you more and more, until at some point your mind and body simply refuse to function. You realize that for too long you have ignored the signals your body has been trying to tell you that something is wrong. Every part of you is begging you to stop and take a breath.

Enough! Put an end to this mechanical routine made up of repetitive actions you perform without even thinking. Stop the perpetual rushing and jumping from one "urgent" task to the next. The work won't get done. There will always be some dissatisfied customer whose demands you can't satisfy right away. Problems won't get resolved completely. You don't have to, nor is it possible to make everything happen now, the minute.

Stop feeling remorse at the idea of taking a break.

Think about it - is there anything more important than health? What will you achieve if you are exhausted to the limit, tormented by discomfort? Will you be effective? Do you think the quality of your work will be as good as it would be if you were rested?

Of course not.

Think of your body as a highly complex machine that responds to your every desire, depending on how you take care of it. Are you fueling it with quality fuel? Do you protect its mechanisms from wear and deformation? Do you treat it with love and respect?

Healthy living is a topic that is particularly topical nowadays. Much has been said and is yet to be discussed as to what the secret of a healthy body is. We can summarise the information to a few main points. Let's take a look at them:

Proper food intake

Probably when you hear about healthy living, the first thing you think of is healthy eating. Quite right. In order to be energetic and fit, you need to fuel your body with a variety of nutrients and minerals. Sounds easy, but in reality you need to be extra careful what you satiate your hunger with. The market is overflowing with products, but many of them pose risks to your health. Unless you produce your own food, you cannot be completely sure of its purity and quality. We're used to technology constantly distracting us, but make an effort and detach from it at mealtimes. Turn off the TV, leave your phone somewhere away from the table and just...eat. Concentrate on every bite. Feel it, savor it. Mindful eating will have a tremendously beneficial effect on digestion and absorption.


Of course, the intake of a sufficient amount of water goes hand in hand with good physical condition. Eight glasses a day do wonders for your body. Apart from vital processes, water helps in the prevention of diseases such as asthma, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome and cardiovascular problems. It is no secret that it has a positive impact on weight control. Just take one or two cups before meals.
Tip: You can take advantage of mobile apps designed specifically to remind you to drink water, as well as calculate your intake.


Take every opportunity to move. This doesn't mean going to the gym every day (especially if you're uncomfortable), but looking for occasions to move. Take the stairs on foot. Go to the grocery store twice, and why not the supermarket further away? Get off transport one stop early and walk. Ride a bike. Join a sport or just exercise at home. The internet is full of videos from which you can learn different physical exercises. Make up your own programme that you enjoy.

Track your progress

There is nothing more motivating than seeing your progress. Buy yourself a beautiful notebook or simply create a new document on your computer and keep a log of your achievements. You'll feel invigorated, full of energy and ready for the next challenge as you mark each goal you reach.

Take time for yourself

It's not just your body that needs rest, but your mind too. Clear your mind. Relax. No matter how busy and torn you are between work and chores, be sure to find time for yourself. At least one hour where you can relax by dedicating yourself to a favorite activity. As they say - "Healthy mind - healthy body".
Healthy living is not a mission impossible. Sometimes you just need to slow down and listen to your own body. It is very clear what its condition is and what it needs. Think carefully about how you allocate your daily tasks so that you have enough time to rest and recharge.

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