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LinkedIn - Development Opportunities

Promote your business and engage followers on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Company Pages offer a host of opportunities to promote your business and engage your customers and followers. But if you're not maintaining and updating your LinkedIn page regularly, or if you're not sure what to post, you could be missing out on key development opportunities.

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LinkedIn is the most popular social network for professionals worldwide. The place where you can easily make connections in your field and find leads for your company. But as we marketers know, our success on this platform depends a lot on the content we post on LinkedIn.

Company Pages on LinkedIn offer heaps of opportunities to promote your business and engage your customers and followers. But if you're not maintaining and updating your page regularly, or if you're not sure what to post, you could be missing out on key development opportunities.

One general rule for driving engagement on LinkedIn is to offer people something valuable and useful. The key to success is to make sure every word interests the user.

Write an article on LinkedIn

Wondering how to post an article on LinkedIn? Start by going to your LinkedIn company page and clicking on the "Write Article" button. You can write an entirely new article or repost content from your company's blog. Once you post the article to LinkedIn, you will receive a unique URL.

You get 110,000 characters, which is a lot more than the 3,000 characters you get with a status update. What you absolutely need to make sure of is that your LinkedIn content provides some value or benefit to the reader.

Provide original data and statistics

If there's one thing you can't have "too much" of, it's data. There is always room for more data.

Invest in research that creates original data. This gives others a reason to use and share your content on LinkedIn. This kind of research also positions you as a credible source on the topic.

Celebrate successful achievements

Don't be afraid to celebrate the achievements of the whole company or even individual employees on LinkedIn. Things like industry awards, company growth, and even anniversaries or personal milestones give people a great window into your company. The advantage of this type of LinkedIn content is that it makes you and your company more authentic to people.

Offer tips, tricks, secrets and practical advice

This is about a reset in providing value to the reader on LinkedIn. You can make this as simple as a post that reveals a neat new way to use a popular tool. Or you can create a very comprehensive guide on how to use a complex software without any prior knowledge.

Introduce your team

Allow outsiders to look through an open window into your company by focusing on your people on LinkedIn. You can have content that shows what your employees are doing at the company (e.g. "day in the life of" posts). This gives potential job candidates and even customers an idea of who they would work with if they engaged with your company.

Hashtags on LinkedIn

With hashtags, you can increase the reach of your posts and connect with a highly interested audience. This is because members and pages can follow hashtags to see related content on the homepage with added news and posts.

How many hashtags should you include in LinkedIn content? There's no limit, but it's usually best to add three to five hashtags at the end of a post.

LinkedIn Page Tags

By mentioning another company's page in your post, you can increase reach and give credit where credit is due.

To mention another page, enter the @ symbol and the organization's name. A list of possible matches should automatically appear. Select the correct one to add a mention of the X company page to your post with a hyperlink.

Post Evergreen content on LinkedIn

Evergeen content is content that is always in vogue. It revolves around a topic that is always relevant to followers, regardless of the current news cycle or season. Its name comes from the evergreen plant, a plant that retains its green leaves all year round.

If you're posting time-sensitive information or breaking news on LinkedIn, a one-time content post is usually enough. But if you share a lot of evergreen content that continues to bring value, you may want to share it more than once. For example, you might want to repurpose a post on a company page every month or every quarter.


The main thing that unites our examples is providing value, a benefit to the reader on LinkedIn.

At the end of the day, we all have limited time available. It's no secret that more and more people and brands are posting content on LinkedIn every hour, if not every minute. Why are they really doing it?

The only way to rise above the crowd and have your voice heard so that it cuts through the noise is to provide a tangible benefit to the reader. This could be providing a clear way to upskill, evidence or original insights, a window into how your team and company work, etc.

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