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Serious games

Benefits and main elements of serious games

What do you think about the idea of learning while playing? Sounds good, right?

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Serious games are one of the most creative training methods that is gaining momentum during the last couple of years.


Serious games are games which main aim is acquisition of new knowledge and skills.

Advantages of serious games

• Increased learner motivation and engagement.
• Provide safe practice environment.
• Better learning and memorization.
• Encourage learners to demonstrate self-discipline and control.
• Provide monitoring of the learning process.
• Promote creativity and soft skills.
• Enable learners to improve their computer skills.

Main elements of serious games

1. Gamification.

Gamification includes ranking, prizes, badges, or earning points. Engagement motivates learners and healthy competition encourages people.

2. Plot.

Serious games have a plot and characters that make the training more interesting and motivating.

3. Real-life simulation.

Usually serious games mimic a real-life situation. Learners immerse themselves into a world that is very close to the real but can practice new knowledge or skills in a safe environment.

4. Feedback.

Serious games offer instant feedback, allowing the learner to perform better the next time.

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