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Brief explanation of ADDIE model

What is ADDIE?

ADDIE (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate) is a popular instructional design model used for eLearning course development.

Approximate reading time: 31 sec


During this stage, you need to define the main components of the training – its objectives and audience, learners’ skills, timeline, etc., and plan the course development process.


Your design has to be aligned with the analysis you’ve made during the first stage. Be creative and identify how your training materials will be designed, what technologies you will use, etc.


Develop your content, create a storyboard and all other training materials. Then, start developing your eLearning course, using an eLearning authoring tool or uploading it in a learning management system.


During this stage you will deliver the course to the learners. Don’t forget to test everything before the final delivery.


Collect feedback for your training. You need to identify whether there are any areas of improvement and fix the problems, if any.

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