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Case study: Negotiation skills (interactive online course)

Business skills training for Coca-Cola HBC Youth Empowered programme

In this course learners will be taught to resolve problems, satisfy their interests and communicate more efficiently.

Negotiation skills online course - Youth Empowered Programme-1
Negotiation skills online course - Youth Empowered Programme-2

Approximate reading time: 30 sec


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Tension and conflicts are part of our everyday lives. To cope with them one needs to have good negotiation skills. 

Course outline

What is negotiation and why is it important?

Types of negotiation: distributive and integrative negotiation.

Preparation stages.

Establish your WATNA (Worst Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement) and BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement)

Identify your WAP (Walk Away Price)

Identify your ZOPA (Zone of Possible Agreement)

The negotiation process.

How to avoid deadlock?

How to end up with a mutual gain solution?

Dealing with people, who don’t follow the rules

How to handle difficult questions?



Coca-Cola HBC, Youth Empowered Programme

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