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Coca-Cola HBC

Coca-Cola HBC Youth Empowerment

Coca-Cola HBC is one of the largest bottlers of drinks from The Coca‑Cola Company.

About the client

It started its presence in Bulgaria in 1992 and quickly became one of the main engines of the economic growth.

Project description

Youth Empowered is an innovative program initiated by Coca-Cola HBC that aims to support young people aged 18-30 who have failed to achieve their career dreams and do not have the necessary qualifications to be successful in the labor market.

The program is a combination of 10 interactive online courses, 1 online self-assessment test and live sessions that aim to help young people gain theoretical and practical knowledge that will contribute to their personal and professional development. The goal is to acquire basic personal and business skills (communication skills, negotiation, sales skills, time management, business planning, finance, etc.).

The project involves 28 countries in which Coca-Cola HBC is represented: Ireland, Bulgaria, Nigeria, Poland, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, etc..

Client requirements

The main requirement of the client was to align the courses content and design with the interests of the target group. All online courses should have a high level of interactivity, an attractive and modern design, and content that is interesting enough to keep the audience attention. Keeping in mind the mobility and the dynamic life of the target group, all online course should have responsive (mobile) design.

Our solution

NIT-New Internet Technologies Ltd. carried out the following activities: created the content, developed the design and was responsible for the technical realization of the 10 online courses (4 online courses for life skills and 6 online courses for business skills) by setting up an innovative technical realization including interactions, dynamics and modern vision.

Description of the courses

• All online courses start with a brief video presentation of the training.
• Include a character (narrator), who leads the learning process and creates a sense of personal attitude, thus reducing the distance between the digital and real world.
• Contain interactions that grab the learners’ attention and make the training materials easier to remember by highlighting the most important elements and examples.
• Content is selected and distributed in an intriguing, logical and upgrading way. There are many real-life examples, exciting exercises, useful files for download, links to additional resources, journaling questions.
• All online courses have a modern, responsive design with easy and logical navigation.
All online courses are fully in line with the brand's vision and requirements.

NIT-New Internet Technologies Ltd. is the only vendor included in the development of the above-mentioned online courses.

We have designed and developed all 10 online courses included in the program.

• We created their content.
• We made the design and developed the full functionality of the courses.
• We designed and developed online self-assessment test – learners use it to identify their personality, their appropriate professions, etc..

The first 10 online courses (in English) were developed within the short deadlines imposed by the client. Within 2 years, we have localized all 10 online courses and the self-assessment test for all Coca-Cola HBC members participating in the project (more than 16 different languages and cultures).

Courses are produced in SCORM format with Articulate Storyline.

Link to the digital platform (for Bulgaria): http://youthempowered.bg/.

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