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Case study:Understanding and developing me (interactive online course)

Life skills training for Coca-Cola HBC Youth Empowered programme

In order to find their dream job young people, need to have a better understanding of their character traits.

Understanding and developing me - Youth Empowered-1
Understanding and developing me - Youth Empowered-2
Understanding and developing me - Youth Empowered-3

Approximate reading time: 26 sec


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Course details


This course will help leaners analyze their strengths and weaknesses, focus on their values and help them concentrate on their personal and professional development.

Course outline

Part 1 – Self-evaluation

Introduction to self-evaluation

How to assess interests, skills, values, personality?

Part 2 - Personal Development

How to identify areas for improvement?

Figuring out strengths and weaknesses

Asking for feedback

Defining the level of the problem

Focusing on the most important things

Personal development tips

Improving time management skills

Writing a killer resume

Expertise transfer

Planning personal development



Coca-Cola HBC, Youth Empowered Programme

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