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Case study: Interaction and networking (interactive online course)

Life skills training for Coca-Cola HBC Youth Empowered programme

If you want to grow personally and professionally, you need to know how to interact and network with other people.

Interaction and networking - Youth Empowered Programme-1
Interaction and networking - Youth Empowered Programme-2
Interaction and networking - Youth Empowered Programme-3

Approximate reading time: 28 sec


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In this module learners will be given advices how to create a network of personal and professional contacts, how to communicate with others effectively, how to do social networking, and many more.

Course outline

Part 1: Networking and Interaction

What is a network?

What if I don’t have a network?

Why do we need networks?

Map your network

Use your network

Network etiquette

Part 2 – Communication


Verbal, Paraverbal and Nonverbal Communication

Do you speak effectively?

Nonverbal communication

Part 3: Social Networking

Social media tips

How to use LinkedIn for social networking?




Coca-Cola HBC, Youth Empowered Programme

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