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Incorporating podcasts in employee training

How to use podcasts in your corporate trainings?

Podcasts are digital audio or video files that can be downloaded and listened on a personal computer, tablet, or a smartphone.

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This makes them a great tool for corporate trainings, as no special equipment is needed.

Tips for using podcast for employee trainings

When considering the idea of using a podcast in your employee training, keep in mind the following tips:

• Sound quality!

• Plan, but keep the natural tone of the conversation.

• Organize your podcasts in archives. This will allow your employees to find them easily and use them if needed.

• Analyze the performance of your podcasts. Note which podcasts are most listened to and pay more attention to these topics.

• Allow learners to download the podcasts, so they can listen to them at their convenience.

Benefits of using podcast in your corporate trainings

• Podcast will make your training more personalized.

• Learners will be able to keep the learning speed under control.

• Podcasts will make the long and boring parts of your training more interesting and engaging.

•Podcasts are great alternative to large pieces of text. Instead of reading long pages of text, your employees can hear a few minutes podcast.

• You will save time and money as podcasts are relatively cheap.

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